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Profile of a Farm Shop Demonstration Farmer: James Mugo

Naomi Mungai
August 30, 2015
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An opportunity with the Farm Shop Trust turned James Mugo into a successful Farmer keen to expand his farming business

I (James Mugo) was born and raised in Gikambura area, before I joined Farm shop I had little interest in farming. One day in May 2014 on my way to Gikambura shopping centre , there was a farming seminar taking place I came to learn later that it was farm shop Gikambura shop launch. I joined the group that was being trained about maize production. After the seminar, through the knowledge gained that day and seeds obtained from the training I planted maize variety Duma 43 and the resulting yields were good.

Maize plants growing near Ngecha, Kenya
Maize plants growing near Ngecha, Kenya

Later on we held discussions with a Farm Shop Trust agronomist in the follow-up trainings and we planted kales and spinach with the correct spacing and used Mavuno fertilizer. Since then, my farm has since been used as a demonstration farm where farmers are trained on the current technology in agriculture. Currently my farm has spinach and African Nightshade( managu). Other plants in my nursery are kale and peppers.


From my association with Farm shop I have added to my knowledge on how to choose the right variety of maize seed depending on the different seasons. I have also gained knowledge on the use of fertilizer; the importance of mixing the fertilizer with soil before planting to avoid scorching and the need to use the right fertilizer for each plant.

I have also learnt about keeping records, how to use chemicals for pest control and benefits of mulching to retain soil moisture. I can now say that I have a lot of interest and passion in farming and getting small sales from the kale and spinach has been my joy.

Spinach plants growing in Ngecha
Spinach plants growing in Ngecha

I am excited to continue my association with Farm shop for more knowledge and education. My area (Gikambura) is dry and my dream in future is to have a drip irrigation system complete with a tank so as to expand my farming business.


This farmer profile has been written by Naomi Mungai. Please contact me at naomi.mungai@farmshop.co.ke if you have any questions about becoming a demonstration farmer with Farm Shop.