Farm Shop Results

At Farm Shop, we have created a learning culture dedicated to continually improving our performance and using data and information to guide our progress. We assess our results by focusing on three key areas: smallholder farmer engagement, franchisee performance and network growth and sustainability. Each pillar is critical to Farm Shop’s success.


By end of year 2017, Farm Shop substantially continued to carryout farmer outreach activities. Farm Shop has trained or provided services to more than 30,000 (52% Women) farmers via our network of demonstration sites, farm visits, regular farmer clinics and promo days. Since February 2017, Farm Shop has continued to conduct bi-annual Farmer impact assessment study through a robust system to measure impact in productivity and income in 13 sample communities.


Expanding our franchisee network is a top priority for Farm Shop. By end of 2017, we increased the size of the network to 74 outlets across 4 counties (Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyandarua, Kajiado). In 2018, we will significantly increase the network coverage,reaching more areas within the existing counties and adjacent counties. Each shop creates at least two jobs – one franchisee and one assistant. More than 50% of those positions are filled by women while youth 100% of all shop assistant-level positions. Farm Shop is committed to engaging both women and youth and expects these rates to carry through.


As of December 2017, 44 franchisees had fully completed training on the maize-farming manual and another 44 had completed training on the dairy cow-farming manual. A total of 35 and 32 franchisees had completed training on the poultry and tomato farming manuals respectively while 19 franchisees have undergone training on best practices in use of pesticides, fertilizers and veterinary

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