Farm Shop Results

At Farm Shop, we have created a learning culture dedicated to continually improving our performance and using data and information to guide our progress. We assess our results by focusing on three key areas: smallholder farmer engagement, franchisee performance and network growth and sustainability. Each pillar is critical to Farm Shop’s success.


In 2014, Farm Shop substantially expanded our farmer outreach. We processed over 300,000 transactions in our shops, hosted 239 farmer-focused events and trained or provided services to 6,931 farmers via our network of demonstration sites, regular farmer clinics and promo days. In 2015, Farm Shop aims to double these figures. Beyond this, Farm Shop has established a collaboration with Plymouth University in order to conduct our first ever farmer impact assessment. With baseline data collected during 2015, Farm Shop will measure changes in productivity and income among farmers in select Farm Shop communities.


Expanding our franchisee network is a top priority for Farm Shop. In 2014, we increased the size of the network by 150% from 10 to 25 outlets. In 2015, we will significantly increase the network again, reaching 75 shops by the end of December 2015. Each shop creates at least two jobs – one franchisee and one assistant. Forty-six percent of those positions were filled by women while youth filled 88% of all franchisee-level positions in 2014. Farm Shop is committed to engaging both women and youth and expects these rates to carry through 2015.


2014 was a solid growth year for Farm Shop at a network level. Retail sales reached nearly $1,000,000 – a 262% increase over 2013 when retail sales were just over $250,000. This tremendous growth was driven by a combination of network expansion, enhanced marketing and customer engagement and a growing network of suppliers. Farm Shop’s establishment of demonstration plots near each shop has increased brand awareness and farmer loyalty, while regular on-site events increase store traffic. In 2015, Farm Shop will continue expansion, growing the network to 75 shops and reaching over $2,000,000 in sales.

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