About Farm Shop Ltd

Farm Shop Ltd is a chain of franchise retail stores selling agrovet products within rural Kenya.

Our franchise shops offer everything that a small-scale farmer may need to be economically productive, including selling input stock as well as buying harvested produce.;

Our retail products and services include:

  • Agricultural inputs
  • Agricultural services
  • Buying harvested produce for resell

The Farm Shop Story

Across Africa, there are an estimated 33 million smallholder farms, and the farmers that live on them contribute up to 70 per cent of the continents food supply. With greater investment in smallholder agriculture, Africa has the potential to dramatically increase food production and reduce poverty.

Kenya’s small scale farmer structure is not hugely different from the rest of Africa. Kenya’s agriculture is predominantly small-scale farming and is carried out on farms averaging 0.2–3ha, mostly on a subsistence basis. Small-scale operations account for over 70% of agricultural production and meet about 75% of the national food demand. Kenya has approximately 10,000 agrovets across the country against a population of 4.5 million small-scale farmers.

With such dire statistics, the small-scale farmer is at a distinct operational disadvantage. They must travel extensive distances to find an agrovet shop, paying extra supply costs and extra charges per input purchased. Few have been trained on best product and best practice. While at the retail stores, they are exposed to fake inputs, excessive pricing and cartel activity.

Farm Shop was founded to solve this crisis by establishing franchise agrovet stores across Kenya. These clean, modern, and professionally managed rural franchise stores are owned and managed by local [Farm Shop] trained agrovet entrepreneurs to offer agricultural input sales, train farmers on best agricultural practices and create a market for farmers harvests.

Farm Shop Impact Snapshot

Farm Shop Franchise Retail Stores        47

Farmers Trained                                         27,234

Farmers Impacted                                      32,875

Employees Impacted                                  74

Benefits Of Being A Farm Shop Franchisee

  1. Earn Multiple Income Streams, Through Our Many Farm Shop Profitable Trading Platforms.
  2. Receive Direct Delivery Of Inputs, Tools And Services, To Your Stores At Favourable Wholesale Prices.
  3. Be Part Of The Training Of Rural Farmers
  4. Be Recognizable Among Farmers Through Our Modern, Standardized And Yet Affordable Look And Feel.
  5. Would You Like To Be A Franchise (Contact Us)

Farm Shop Franchise Store Services

Agricultural Stock Inputs

Farm Shop Supplies Inputs At Wholesale Prices Products That Include; Seeds, Fertilizers


Farm Shop Purchase Harvested Produce From Small-Scale Farmers Through Franchisees And Sells The Produce For-Profit To Markets Across Kenya


Farm Shop Has A Team Of Agronomists Who Visit Small-Scale Farmers, Train Them On Best Practice Farming And Offer Contract Farming Opportunities For Aggregation

Our Farming Services

To Ensure That Farmers Get Everything They Need, Farm Shop Offers Agricultural Services Including Vetcare, AI, Crop Spraying And Soil Testing Through Our Franchisee Stores:

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