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An Africa in which rural smallholder farmers are thriving and their families have improved nutrition, greater prospects and increased wealth.


Farm Shop exists to be the most trusted agribusiness platform for smallholder farmers across Africa.

Our Story

Farm Shop is a social enterprise striving to become the most trusted agribusiness platform for smallholder farmers across Africa. We believe that successful smallholder farming is about opportunity, choice, and knowledge. And we have seen that far too often smallholder farmers in Africa lack all three. Farm Shop is a company designed to change that.

Drawing on the principles of successful franchising around the world, we are building a franchise network of agri-dealers located in rural, undeserved areas of Kenya. Our retail shops are clean, modern, and professionally managed. We provide all the tools that smallholder farmers need to be successful, whether that’s high-quality hybrid seeds, affordable financing, soil-testing services, or cutting-edge training and information. Each of our franchisees is an emerging leader in their community and their shop becomes the hub of everything new and innovative in agriculture.

Our near-term goal is to reach 500 shops in Kenya, serving a minimum of 250,000 farmers and indirectly benefitting at least 1 million Kenyans. To guide us there we have brought together a team of seasoned specialists and young professionals with the skills and passion to turn the Farm Shop vision into a reality.

Co-founded by social enterprise pioneers Farouk Jiwa and Maidson Ayers, Farm Shop builds on 15 years of experience starting and running Honeycare East Africa, the region’s largest commercial honey operation and itself a social enterprise benefiting thousands of smallholder farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan. Farouk and Madison are both widely recognized leaders in building successful social enterprises. The founders are now supported by a team of full-time staff members, each of whom brings unique private and non-profit expertise to the table and all of whom bring the commitment we need to succeed.

Today, there are 500 million smallholder farmers around the world supporting over 2 billion people. In Africa, smallholders represent 80% of all farms in the region and produce as much as 90% of all agricultural output. Sadly, study after study has found that the majority of them lack access to the basic support and products they need to improve their lives and move beyond a subsistence existence. With each new outlet, Farm Shop is changing that.


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