Greenlife Green Cop 500wp 500g

MODE OF ACTION: Copper Oxychloride is a protectant fungicide/bactericide which prevents infection on plants by interfering with the enzyme system of spores and mycelium, a process which is usually irreversible. It forms a chemical barrier against fungal attack.


Crop Disease Rate Method of application
Rose Botrytis Foliar spray 2.5Kg/ha in 1000L of water (50g/20L water) The first application before infection, when the weather is favourable to development of diseases, apply the following applications on a 7-10 day interval period. Maximum 3 applications per season.
French beans, Runner beans, Common beans Angular leaf spot, Bean rust
Tomato, Potato Early & late blight
Coffee Coffee berry diseases (CBD) Foliar spray 7.7Kg/ha in 1000L of water (140g/20L water) As a preventive fungicide, start spraying before the rains and continue during the rainy season in spray interval of 3-4 weeks
Coffee leaf rust Foliar spray 3.8Kg/ha in 1000L of water (70g/20L water)


APPLICATION TIMING: Apply GREEN COP® 500WP when weather conditions favour disease development. Repeat application every 7-10 days.   

APPLICATION TECHNIQUE: Apply GREEN COP® 500WP by foliar spraying or through fertigation. Ensure adequate coverage of the crop foliage whenever spraying.

PREPARATION OF SPRAY MIXTURE: Fill spray tank with half the amount of required water. Add required amount of GREEN COP® 500WP and fill the water to the required level. Agitate to ensure thorough mixing. Use the mixture on the same day of preparation.

PHYTOTOXICITY: GREEN COP® 500WP is non-phytotoxic when used as recommended.

RE-ENTRY PERIOD: DO NOT enter treated areas during the restricted-entry interval of 12hours. When entry is necessary before drying of spray deposits, proper protective gears should be used.

Active ingredient Copper Oxychloride 500g/Kg
Diseases Rust, Leaf spots, Early & Late blight, Botrytis, Coffee Berry Disease (CBD)
Rate/Ha/20L 2.5kg (50g)
Crops Ornamentals, Edible Crops

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